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Quaint Hoi An, Vietnam, Turns Out Pure Luxury

Hoi An Offers A Wealth Of Colorful Treasures, With Its Crown Jewel Being The Luxurious Nam Hai Resort.

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“Jet-Lag” Massage: The Sum Of Many Pleasures

Be It Passing Through The Author’s Lounge, Gliding Across The Waters Of The Chao Phraya Or Ones Welcome Upon Arrival, The Experience Is Totally Grand.

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Post-Tour Extension - Ticket Before Going "Over-Water"

Once Ticketing Has Occurred, Changes While En Route May Result In Severe Penalties.

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Booking A "Luxury" Tour - A Reality Check

Where One Puts Their Head To Pillow Determines Whether Their Tour Be One Of "Luxury."

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Single Supplement - Now That's A Hard Pill To Swallow

Hoteliers Long Ago Decided To Charge Nearly The Same Cost For A Room Accommodation, Regardless Of Whether Occupied As A Single Or As A Double.

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