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Visit China Again, For The First Time

Be it the very first time you are planning a visit to China or are returning once again after a pr

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China Explorer ~ Dare To Compare

Can A Privatized, Luxury-Styled Custom Tour Be Priced Less Than A Large Group Tour? ~ Private Car, Driver and Guide for Less? Without Question The Answer Would be a Resounding Yes!

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Is Myanmar (Burma) A Travel Safe Destination

For many decades, Myanmar was under tight military rule and although it was possible to enter the country as a traveler, visa requirements were strict, entry into the country was tedious and the av

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China ~ The Early Years

Gaddafi was my Neighbor, and a Baby Sparrow Fetus Highlighted the Menu

 My how things have changed……

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Visa Upon Arrival

It is possible to acquire a visa upon arrival at certain destinations with great savings.

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