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Luxury Styled Travel At An Affordable Price Since 1989

Be it India, Vietnam, Upper-Burma, Angkor Wat  or crossing the veld in search of wild animal in the wonder that is Africa, First Cabin offers the finest in custom touring experiences at a suprisingly affordable price.

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Journey On The Mekong To Ben Tre

Your private motorcraft glides you upriver to the back channels of the Mekong Delta to the small, hidden town of Ben Tre, Vietnam

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When Planning Your African Safari

5 Points Worth Considering: The wonder that is Africa offers the finest of dream holidays imaginable. Plan well

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Shortened Bucket List Inspires An Elder To Reach Bhutan

As sand decends into the hour glass of time, having shortened the bucket list of destinations, an older traveler prefers destinations that demonstrate success over developing nations that continuously struggle with cultural and economic failure.

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Surprisingly Affordable Luxury-Styled Touring, Since 1989

Since 1989, First Cabin Travel has offered affordable, luxury-styled touring with private car, private driver, private guide, accommodation, breakfast & lunch from $275 per person per day. An unexpected bargain!

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